Asian Games Cricket Squad Deadline: BCCI Approves Hangzhou ASIAD

Cricket enthusiasts in India have a reason to cheer as the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has officially approved the participation of the Indian cricket teams in the upcoming Hangzhou Asiad. This decision opens up the opportunity for India to add two more medals to their tally in the Asian Games 2023. The women’s team, led by the dynamic Harmanpreet Kaur, will represent the country in full strength, while a second-string men’s team will also compete for glory. With the deadline for squad announcement set for July 15, the cricket fraternity eagerly awaits the exciting journey that lies ahead.

Embracing the Challenge

Initially, the BCCI had expressed hesitation in sending teams to the Asian Games due to scheduling conflicts with the World Cup 2023. However, after careful consideration, the BCCI Apex Council Meeting in Mumbai today gave the green light for the Indian cricket teams to participate in the prestigious multi-sport event. This decision reflects the BCCI’s commitment to effectively plan, communicate, and coordinate with the aim of contributing to the national cause.

Women’s Cricket Team: Ready to Conquer

Led by the talented and experienced Harmanpreet Kaur, the Indian Women’s Cricket Team is set to leave a mark at the Hangzhou Asiad. With a full-strength squad at their disposal, the team will showcase their skills and determination to bring home the gold medal. The women’s team has been in remarkable form in recent years, and this opportunity to compete on the Asian Games stage will further boost their confidence and strengthen their position as one of the world’s best cricketing nations.

Men’s Cricket Team: A Chance for Emerging Talent

While the focus is often on the established stars of Indian cricket, the Asian Games presents a platform for the emerging talent to shine. The second-string men’s team will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and potential on an international stage. This experience will not only provide exposure to the budding cricketers but also serve as a stepping stone for their future careers. With a blend of promising youngsters and experienced campaigners, the men’s team aims to make a mark and compete for top honors.

Deadline for Squad Announcement: July 15

As the excitement builds up, the BCCI has set the deadline for squad announcement as July 15. This gives the selectors and team management ample time to evaluate and finalize the squads for both the men’s and women’s teams. The selection process will be crucial, considering the need for balance, skill sets, and the ability to perform under pressure. The chosen players will have the responsibility to represent their nation with pride and give their best on the field.

Clash of Tournaments: Asian Games 2023 vs. World Cup 2023

The Asian Games 2023 and the World Cup 2023 will run concurrently, creating a unique challenge for the Indian cricket teams. Managing player workloads, scheduling, and ensuring optimal performance in both tournaments will be a test of the team’s planning and adaptability. However, the BCCI is determined to overcome these challenges and align its efforts with the Government of India’s directions to field competitive teams in both categories.


The BCCI’s approval to send Indian cricket teams to the Hangzhou Asiad has paved the way for an exciting chapter in Indian cricketing history. The women’s team, led by Harmanpreet Kaur, and the second-string men’s team have a golden opportunity to showcase their skills and compete for medals at the Asian Games 2023. As the deadline for squad announcement approaches, the nation eagerly awaits the composition of the teams that will represent them on the grand stage. It is a moment of pride for the players and cricket enthusiasts alike, as India’s rich cricketing legacy continues to evolve on the global platform.


1. How many medals can India win in cricket at the Asian Games 2023? India has the chance to win two medals: one with the women’s team and another with the second-string men’s team.

2. Who will lead the Indian Women’s Cricket Team at the Hangzhou Asiad? Harmanpreet Kaur, known for her exceptional leadership skills, will captain the Indian Women’s Cricket Team.

3. What is the deadline for squad announcement for the Hangzhou Asiad? The deadline for squad announcement is July 15, providing ample time for the selectors to finalize the teams.

4. How will the Asian Games 2023 clash with the World Cup 2023? The Asian Games 2023 and the World Cup 2023 will run concurrently, posing scheduling and workload management challenges for the Indian cricket teams.

5. What is the BCCI’s aim for participating in the Asian Games? The BCCI aims to successfully navigate the challenges and contribute to the national cause by fielding competitive teams in both men’s and women’s categories.

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